Just for Martin…

12 02 2010

As you can see, I’ve added a couple of pictures of the Big Club. If you look very closely at the second one you can see  a plaque that reads ‘Martin Davies: 2002’. We’ve kept a close eye on his handicap since then, which is why his name hasn’t appeared a second time…

The fact that the pictures are on there at all is all down to my friend Ben, Martin’s son. My computer skills are so pitiful that Ben has to keep a close eye on things to ensure that I don’t delete the site entirely.

I’ll try to add one more blog in the next few days before I head off down to Las Vegas with Glen and Robin. We’ve booked three courses to play while we’re there (Aliante, the Legacy and Rhodes Ranch) and if I score well you’ll hear all about it…

All da best.





2 responses

12 02 2010

Hi Dave
Great to read your post. I am sure the pics of “The Club” are in here somewhere but right now I seem to be having trouble finding them. Have a great time in Vegas with Glen and Robin. I have written to Caesar’s Palace, Bellagio’s and a few other places to warn them of your imminent arrival.
All the best,

14 02 2010
Bagger Dave

Thanks for contacting Bellagio’s etc, Martin. I understand that your ban from casinos in the Las Vegas area does not expire for some time yet…

If you look carefully at the picture of the Big Club you will see ‘Martin Davies:2002’ engraved on a plaque. Isn’t it time for a repeat?

All da best


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