After the Lord Mayor’s show…

22 03 2010

Here are some statistics from today’s round at Glacier:

Number of putts: 37

Number of putts made from outside four feet: nil

Number of opportunities to unleash the tickie dance: nil

Sense of self worth as a golfer and human being: nil

On the plus side, my birdie on #18 on Saturday did somehow hold up, netting $30 for the pension plan and proving that the golf gods can be merciful (or at least have a sense of humour). And I didn’t make an eight on #12 today…

Also, a drum roll please for Mr. Robin Houlgrave, who shot a fine 76 today, his best ever round. (No doubt he’ll do the honourable thing and give me shots on Wednesday…).


Dave B.




6 responses

22 03 2010

Yes Dave…after the Lord mayor’s show usually comes the clean-up and that’s the polite version. Sorry to read about your demise, but kudos to Robin for his 76. Do you think he has enough time to prep for the Masters?
Best wishes,

22 03 2010
Bagger Dave

Yes, Martin, I do indeed believe that Robin could be a force to be reckoned with at the Masters…in 2060.

23 03 2010
peter dobbs

It’s a great thing is winning. After Robin and Glen’s fantastic curling win anything can happen and did. Now it’s Glen’s turn to show us where the Tiger is in him . (oops)

23 03 2010
Bagger Dave

An excellent point, Mr. Dobbs. It also shows how misleading statistics can be. For example, I understand that Robin and Glennie’s curling team showed a staggering 300% improvement in wins this year. Yup, that’s right – they won three games this season…

23 03 2010

On the bright side; at least there was a Lord Mayor’s show!


23 03 2010
Bagger Dave

Thanks, Ben – that’s what I kept reminding myself as I missed yet another putt!


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