Quiz time

10 04 2010

Winter golf will soon be over and ‘ lift, clean and cheat ‘ as practised by the members at Glacier Greens will be replaced by the proper rules of golf for the next six months or so. To welcome the new season I have prepared a mini quiz on golf handicaps which I hope you will enjoy. That’s for next week. This week’s quiz, however, focuses on some of the people I play with on a regular basis. If you score well in this section you’ve clearly spent too much time in the company of  Glennie, Robin, Ringer, Lairdo and the Chief.

Q 1: Who is often heard to complain ” I used the right club, but I hit it well “?

Q 2: What is a Brooker bounce, a Houlgrave hop and a Ringstead ricochet and why isn’t Glen Parsons’ name included in this list?

Q 3: Which city was hilariously named European City of Culture in 2008?

Q 4: Whose catchphrase is ” That’s the cock for dolly ” and is it as rude as it sounds?

Q 5: According to Glen Parsons, what kind of mistress is golf?

Q 6: Why is Adrian known as ” The Chief “?

Q 7: Is it a compliment to be told ” You brookered it “?


1. Dave Laird, usually when his approach shot has sailed twenty yards over the green.

2. A fortuitous rebound off a tree and back onto the fairway. Glen’s name is not on the list because he never gets any lucky bounces.

3. Liverpool. Only John Ringstead fails to find this fact amusing. Nor does John see the humour in the following:

Question: What do you call a Liverpudlian in a suit?

Answer: The defendant.

4. Robin, and yes.

5. Harsh.

6. I’m not at liberty to reveal the truth ( but Reg Meeres might ).

7. Only if you think it’s a good thing to consistently leave eight foot putts short of the hole.

That’s all for this week, folks, but get studying for next week’s quiz because Rick ‘ The Beaker ‘ Verbeek and I would like the members at Glacier Greens to become known as the savviest on the Island when it comes to handicaps.

All da best.

Dave B.




6 responses

10 04 2010

Great post Dave! You really know your playing partners!

10 04 2010
Bagger Dave

I certainly do, Martin, and after the tour of Scotland and Ireland I am confident I shall have even more dirt to dish on Glennie, Robin and the Chief…

11 04 2010

DB…I learned something new today – to ‘brooker’ a putt. I shall use this sometime during my next round!

Keep up the good posts!

11 04 2010
Bagger Dave

Trust me, Ben – unless it’s a steep downhill putt with the greens running about 12 ( at the Masters, say ) you don’t want to do too much brookering…


12 04 2010
peter dobbs

Add one to the above.
Q. Why is Brooker’s website called Bagger?
A. Because he will take you to a golf course he has played before and when he loses a certain hole he will say. ‘Oh sorry old chap, we just played the wrong hole so it doesn’t count!’ And then proceed to the correct hole and win it. Then you have been ‘Baggered’.

12 04 2010
Bagger Dave

I have to admit that what you say is basically true, Peter. But, as I explained at the time, the rules of golf have to be be followed and the holes must be played in order. I’m sorry that it cost you 25 cents, but I’m sure you agree that knowing the rules of golf a bit better is well worth the money. While we’re on the topic, is it time for your outrageous behaviour on the 17th green at Gold River to be mentioned?

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