Picture gallery of the Ireland/Scotland trip (finally…)

25 06 2010

So we’ve been back nearly a month now – time to produce a selection of piccies that capture, I think, the essence of the trip. Many thanks to my friend Martin for his patience in turning me into a technowhiz (or, at least, not a total Luddite). If you think this trip might be your cup of tea, and you have the constitution to survive literally gallons of Guinness and Scotch whisky, not to mention the full Irish and Scottish breakfast eleven days in a row, you might want to contact our good friend Jeff Flynn at Hidden Links.

As I wrote in an email to Jeff soon after our return, “It wasn’t a cheap trip, but it was worth every penny!”

Robin makes a new friend, early in our first round of the trip, at Lahinch. It’s also his first acquaintance with the love grass…

Now that’s what I call a bunker… the 11th at Lahinch. I did manage to get out at the first attempt (which is more than can be said for later efforts).

Glennie prepares to launch a tee shot into the River Liffey.

First hole at Doonbeg. You want luxury? Doonbeg does luxury…

Ballybunion Old Course, 10:00 a.m.

Ballybunion Old Course, 10:15 a.m.

Your average every day bunker at Kingsbarns. Glennie’s third shot from this monster was memorable: think Stanley Cup type poke check to prevent the ball rolling back into the trap – again!

On the first tee at St Andrews Old Course, May 28th 2010. You can cut the tension with a knife. We tee off in six minutes.

Glennie on the edge of Hell Bunker, 14th hole, St Andrews Old Course.

You know the expression ‘hit a house!’? Well, Adrian hit the hotel on the famous 17th Road Hole. (Note the blue skies, compared to the rain and hail we’d been playing in 20 minutes earlier).

‘Setting the Record Straight’ at the Swilcan Bridge, 18th hole at St Andrews Old Course.

The Great Robinski, proud and undisputed winner of the Celtic Challenge.

Glennie (whose picture you’ll find in the dictionary under the definition of ‘debonair’).

The Chief, probably thinking of something nasty to say about my putting…

Me in stunning sky blue sweater, specially selected for the trip by Scottish Wife.

Probably my favourite hole of the entire trip – the infamous short 14th at Doonbeg. Misread the yardage, so used the wrong club, mishit the tee shot, got a lucky bounce to within eight feet and sank the putt for birdie. Gotta love golf, eh?

And finally, the picture that sums it all up: Robin, back in the love grass at Lahinch. Are we having fun yet?            Yes we are!




8 responses

25 06 2010

Great job, Dave. Thanks for taking the time to get these in. Robin looks right at home, on the side of the hill in the last shot…just like the goat.
Super pics and memories for your lifetime.

25 06 2010
Bagger Dave

Thank YOU, Martin. Without your help my piccies would have been stuck away in the camera for months yet…


26 06 2010

Wonderful pics, Dave! Hopefully I will be around when the next edition of the Celtic Challenge takes place – trip of a lifetime! Well done!


26 06 2010
Bagger Dave

Thanks, Ben. I do actually think there’ll be an another tour – we just don’t know where to go. The world’s our sandtrap…


26 06 2010
Glenny the Sandbagger

Great pics, Davey. Esp. like the last one with The Great Robinsky in the love grass.
I think that might have been on the 3rd at Lahinch after he started with two triple bogies – then the wheels fell off.
Let’s do it again!

26 06 2010
Bagger Dave

Don’t you have actual photographic evidence of the wheels coming off, Glennie? Robin’s cart lying on the side of the hill, clubs all over the place, me and Adrian desperately trying not to laugh?


29 06 2010
Bandito Juan

Hi Dave , fabulous pics of the “old world” courses and those who donate generously to such institutions to pay homage to the game they love. Enjoyed your comparison of refs and rules officials. Given the shananigans of FIFA refs lately, and with your expertise in that arena, I think you would agree that it’s only a matter of time before goal line technology is used. Which begs the question about golf officials. Should golf invest in such technology? In our foursomes, should we take out video camera to ensure our rules official makes the right call at a critical juncture? I mean given the pressure of the enormous sums of money we pay for( Robin and Dave L took Glenn and me to the 18th hole yesterday before it was decided who would buy the coffee. I had to white knuckle a 3 footer on the last hole for a par to close out the game), I think it might befit the situation. Comments.
Adios y dice hola a la gente de los prairies. Viva Argentina


30 06 2010
Bagger Dave

No question about goal line technology, John. Its time has come. IMHO, soccer needs to make more use of the 4th official – not just Lampard’s disallowed ‘goal’ v Germany but Tevez’s allowed goal v Mexico would have been quickly sorted out. As for video coverage of you, Robin, Glennie and Lairdo – bad idea. It could lead to lengthy suspensions for all four of you for playing fast and loose with RCGA rules.

Thunder and lightning in Edmonton last night, but a lovely day today. Brian looked pretty solid in his practice round and I have to say I gave a virtually unblemished caddying performance.



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