Back on the road again

1 07 2010

Scottish Wife celebrated her retirement from teaching with a party on Saturday night and I must say she did it in style. Forty or so good friends joined us to listen to a cool jazz band led by el Bandito Juan, a man of many talents, and to sing songs about Julie especially penned for the occasion by my equally talented mate Stu. Our kids, Kate and Joe, came home for the weekend (from Salt Spring Island and Victoria respectively) and Julie’s sister Sue flew in from England. I distinctly remember the last time Sue came over. I snuck out early for a round of golf, making a cup of tea for the girls before I left. When I returned, nearly five hours later, the tea was untouched and the sisters had obviously barely paused for breath as the conversation was still in full flow. I mention this because I shall be away caddying for just about the entire duration of Sue’s visit – and I don’t expect to be missed at all.

I’m back on duty with Brian Benedictson for the next couple of tournaments as the Canadian Tour wends its way eastwards across Canada. Right now we’re in Edmonton for the ATB/Telus Open at the Edmonton Country Club. It’s a pretty posh place, something I realised early in the practice round when I noticed the water hazards were filled with easily reachable Titleists – they wouldn’t last five minutes at Glacier Greens, let me tell you…

By British standards it was an epic journey to get here. I left Comox early Monday morning and by the time I stopped for the night I was just south of Jasper, about 800 kilometres from home. A slightly shorter second day, but including 18 holes of golf at Hinton (an hour east of Jasper) and, Bob’s your uncle, I was in Edmonton by Tuesday night. As I say, that’s quite a journey by British standards.

Brian looked pretty good in practice today, taking modest sums of money off his playing partners, and then promptly giving them a decent discount as he sold them a Swinkey each at the end of the round. Thankfully, my own performance was somewhat improved from the Uplands debacle: we finished with the same number of towels, headcovers and range finders that we started with and I’m thinking (if you’re reading this, Brian) that a pay rise may be in the offing.

I don’t think the Country Club liked the idea of fifth wheels and Eurovans cluttering up their parking lot overnight, but they kindly found us a place to stay at a community centre just down the road where we wouldn’t lower the tone of the neighbourhood quite so much. The West Edmonton Mall is just a couple of miles away, so I nipped off to do some grocery shopping and gawk at what used to be the largest shopping mall in the world. After buying a healthy assortment of satsumas, apples and bananas I felt the need for coffee and a doughnut and was thrilled to find a Tim Hortons overlooking a full size indoor ice rink with a super novice game about to start. Alberta v Minnesota, complete with national anthems. It was awesome! Six little red clad Albertans racing up and down the rink, occasionally colliding with six black uniformed miniature Minnesotans. Only in Canada, eh!

Anyway, Brian tees off in a couple of hours so I need to do some stretching exercises in preparation for the battle with the bag. Wish us luck (you can follow the scores on the PGA Canadian Tour website) and I’ll bring you an update tomorrow evening.

All da best.

Dave B.




4 responses

1 07 2010

Have a good one Dave and please pass on best wishes to Brian from Cynthia and myself. Watch your back with the bag!

2 07 2010
Bagger Dave

Thanks Martin. Sorry to say that your good wishes have come too late for this tournament, but we’ll save them up for Saskatoon.



2 07 2010
the great robinsky

Dave: I heard about your game last Saturday. Maybe it is best you are caddying right now.

3 07 2010
Bagger Dave

Yup. A thousand miles away from the blue tees at Glacier is about the right distance. My caddying skills, unlike my golf, seem to be coming along nicely though. I’m just hoping Brian hasn’t contracted liprosy from me…


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