Helter skelter

2 07 2010

One thing about caddying for Brian – it’s never dull. We teed off on Thursday at 1:30 in a fresh breeze which quickly developed into a lively wind. Starting on the 10th hole, Brian dropped three shots early on which he got back with a great eagle on the par 5 17th and an excellent birdie across a majestic ravine on the 18th. What a spectacular par 3 finishing hole, especially as you have to walk a towering suspension bridge to reach the green. Unfortunately, on the walk over, I repeated last week’s mistake of betting Brian a beer that he couldn’t make the putt. When am I going to learn? On his second nine, Brian lipped out on three holes in a row – one of the worst cases of liprosy I’ve ever seen – but once again he conjured up another superb eagle and a great up and down at the last to finish even par for the round.

Yesterday, though, was another story entirely. Playing in the morning, in much calmer conditions, Brian could never get things going and as his score started going south of the cut line he was forced into taking chances and making low percentage shots that didn’t come off. No one can have been more disappointed than he was with his score of 76, especially as his brother and uncle followed him every step of the way for two days, but I know Brian understands full well that the dividing line between success and failure on the golf course can be agonisingly close. He’s hit some wonderful shots over the past two days, but three or four not so good ones made the difference. I guess that’s the nature of sport, though: after the round I went into the players’ lounge to see the headlines that Andy Murray lost a semi final at Wimbledon and some poor Ghanaian missed a last minute penalty which would have put his country into the World Cup semi finals for the first time ever. Maybe a missed cut on the Canadian Tour isn’t quite so bad – although I suspect that if you saw Brian right now you’d know that’s not how he feels about it.

As for me, I’m just tired. A practice round and two rounds of competition have taken their toll and I needed a beer and a sleep, in no particular order. One of the high points of the last two days was a lovely hot shower after Thursday’s round – B’s brother kindly offered his hotel room facilities before we went out for a nice meal. Yesterday after the round we headed out to a minor league baseball game downtown, the Edmonton Capitals against the Calgary Vipers. It was great! Best seats in the house for $15, beer and hot dogs, mascot races, great baseball, hundreds of kids running round the bases at the end of the game and a firework display to cap it all off.
I may stick around to watch some of the golf here today, although I’m tempted by the Argentina v Germany game that will be on the big screen TV in the players’ lounge (my caddie pass seems to be opening all sorts of doors) before heading on to Saskatoon to meet up with Brian for the next event, the Dakota Dunes Casino Open. Until then, though, I’m going to put my feet up, read my book, tidy up the van and eat all the satsumas, apples and bananas that I bought on Wednesday thinking I’d be needing them for me and Brian in rounds three and four this weekend. Oh well, at least I’m eating healthy…

All da best.

Dave B.




5 responses

3 07 2010
Martin Davies

Great post Dave. Thanks for the update. I remember when Brian first started as a touring pro and must have gone at least 20 tournaments without making the cut. He is made of stern stuff that young man and has tons of grit. He’ll be back!
Got up to watch the Germany vs. Argentina game and saw a great display of clinically accurate soccer by the Germans. They were full value for money. Back down the basement in an hour to watch Spain and Paraguay. How’s that for a rugby fan!
Make sure you get some kip Dave. We don’t want to hear tales of you driving off the road on the way to Saskatoon. What an adventure! Cheers,

4 07 2010
Glen Livet

Wonderful tales Bugger. Glad to see that Brian is still putting up with you. Hopefully you’ll bring him good luck at the next tourney.
Be happy to take money off you when you return, I need someone to play golf against soon as the income tax man is after me as I haven’t been declaring enough winnings this year.
Enjoy your trip and thanks again for the updates, most enjoyable.

4 07 2010
Bagger Dave

I need the money too, Peter, as my percentage of Brian’s winnings to date is, well, nothing. Luckily my per diem is enough to provide the necessities in life (gas,coffee and beer) but i look forward to taking a dollar or two off you when I get back.


4 07 2010
Bandito Juan

HI Dave, Too bad about Brian’s second round. The tour is almost invisible on tv, radio and internet. I’m batting a 1000 with predictions for world cup results. Every one I have made has been wrong. I even owe my bass player a beer.Battling with boxes and misplaced items but the house is coming together. Going to play this afternoon and tomorrow morning with the boys. I haven’t been on the Praries on decades- not years. I’m really due a trip. If you’re in Saskatoon long enough, visit my old University campus and my old golf club, Saskatoon Golf and Country Club. They are both very pleasant. Hope Brian has better luck.



4 07 2010
Bagger Dave

I’m doing as well as you with my World Cup predictions, John. I’m glad to see the Netherlands in the semis – they’re my favourite dysfunctional team ever. I’ll make a point of checking out Saskatoon Country Club – I’m sure you’ll be on the wall of shame somewhere…


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