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17 08 2010

I know, Eli - that's how I feel about my game too!

I may have mentioned in my last post that I would be coming home from the Canadian Tour event in Saskatoon to make sure I was in time for the birth of our first grandchild. It was quite the voyage, through thunder, lightning and hail, and involving an unscheduled three day stopover in Edmonton due to mechanical troubles with my beloved Eurovan. My journey, however, was a breeze compared to that of our first grandchild. On Saturday August 14th, nine days overdue – and after 38 hours of labour on the part of his mum – Eli Joseph Fisher, weighing in at 7 lb 4 oz, finally made his keenly anticipated appearance on the world stage. Naturally, Scottish Wife and I raced down to Salt Spring Island to make his acquaintance as soon as we were invited. The above picture is not typical of his first three days on Planet Earth – he’s equal parts smiling and burping so far – but it does encapsulate how his grandpa feels about the state of his golf game. And looking at Eli’s unorthodox grip on the pitching wedge in the above picture, he may have problems down the road as well…

Connections between the birth and golf are obviously somewhat tenuous although, no doubt inspired by the news of Eli’s arrival, I did in fact shoot a better than usual 78 on Saturday Men’s Morning. I’m also happy to note that Brian Benedictson – no longer encumbered by me as his caddie – shot four decent rounds at the Clublink Jane Rogers Championship in Ontario to finish just outside the top 20. I’d told Brian on the Friday that if he shot a couple of 65’s on the weekend I’d put in a word to name the new baby in his honour. Perhaps it was for the best that he shot a pair of 72’s and I didn’t actually have to pass on my brilliant idea to my daughter…

Anyway, that’s it for now. I have grandfatherly duties to attend to. I’m not exactly certain what they are, but to this point they seem to consist of drinking beer and modestly accepting congratulations on the (small) part I’ve played in young Eli’s arrival. Later I may be put in charge of his golf swing – and that’s when the trouble is really likely to start…

All da best!

Grandpa Dave




6 responses

17 08 2010

Congrats, DB! Looks like a chip off the ol’ block, so to speak. I’m sure you will have lots of fun teaching him where not to hit it on the golf course.

Best to you all…

17 08 2010
Bagger Dave

Thank you, Ben. I may need help with the long drive section of what I teach Eli. If I sign him up as a client of yours, will you include free lessons?



17 08 2010

Grandpa! What a lovely post to see and to read. Your daughter was more than scriptural with her delivery…six days shalt thou labour etc. Poor girl, one can only wonder why the medical powers that be allowed her to go on so long. It’s that awkward thing about pregnancy David isn’t it, you can’t be just a little bit pregnant. Maybe if women were just a “little bit pregnant”, there wouldn’t be any children. Certainly there wouldn’t be if we males had to do that job!
Dave, I’m truly happy for you and Julie and especially for your daughter and her hubby. Eli will have a few years yet to learn how to swing a club, but when he wants to, I know you will be a great coach!
Congrats to all.
Martin (for Cynthia too)

17 08 2010
Bagger Dave

Thank you, Martin. Actually, on Salt Spring Island they seem pretty laid back about the whole birth process. As long as mother and baby are doing fine – which Kate and Eli were – there’s no rush to induce. Kate and TJ couldn’t be happier with how it all played out, and Julie and I are just ecstatic!


17 08 2010
Glenny the Sandbagger

Great photo. Somewhat reminiscent of Grandpa Dave last Saturday when he missed that 3 footer.

17 08 2010
Bagger Dave

I was afraid that you would spot the family resemblance, Glennie! Best of luck with your trip to Victoria. I look forward to hearing about the new Highland Pacific course and also about you bringing the Bear to its knees…


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