And a happy bl**dy New Year to you too…

7 01 2011

To say that I like golf is probably something of an understatement. A bit like pointing out that John Daly is partial to the odd tipple or that Tiger Woods has trouble with the concept of monogamy. Not that I’m obsessed with the game, of course. After all I only played 167 rounds of golf in 2010 and caddied for another 25 or so, which means there were lots of days when I was nowhere near a golf course. And I’m pretty sure I didn’t watch the Golf Channel on all of those days. If you look at it that way, I probably barely got my money’s worth out of my membership at Glacier Greens last year.

That being said, this last month has been extremely trying. Just when I was coming into a rich vein of form (i.e. I managed to shoot 80 on my last round at Glacier in early December) the big freeze started and with it five whole weeks of no golf. I know there was Christmas and all, but 35 days of golflessness was really much more than I could handle. Day after day of  ‘course closed due to frost and/or snow’  was finally followed yesterday by ‘course closed due to heavy rain’. So imagine my surprise and delight this morning when I glanced at the Glacier Greens website  to see that the course was open and had been for nearly an hour! A quick phone call to the pro shop, a spot found on the 12:08 tee time, apologies made to Scottish Wife that I wouldn’t after all be able to join her on the grocery shopping expedition and the 2011 golf season was under way!

There was no time to hit the driving range or putting green (that’d be two of my New Year’s resolutions already broken then), as Norm and Al were waiting on the first tee. A quick waggle, a smooth practice swing and my first shot of  the year soared 200 yards right down the middle of the fairway, admittedly with a bit of a splash from where it landed in a puddle. 2011 was clearly going to be a great year! A sliced approach shot, a duffed chip and three putts later I was walking off the first green with my first double of the year. Golf, eh? Happy bl**dy New Year!

All da best,

Dave B.




6 responses

7 01 2011

Ah David! What a treat it is to read your posts. I had a good laugh as I read this. I could just imagine you drooling at the mouth as you teed up your first shot on #1. Here’s to a great year of golf for you and all the best.

7 01 2011
Bagger Dave

Thank you, Martin. I certainly was excited with that first shot. The next 81 weren’t all that special though…



8 01 2011
Glenny the Sandbagger

Nice to see you are in fine form both on the course and over the word processor in 2011.
Speaking of “the course”, it looks as if the price of pu**y (putty) is going up this year. Ah, but it can all be rationalized with: “but it’s golf”. End of debate (unless you are conversing with your wife).
Keep the blogs coming.
Cheers! – G

8 01 2011
Bagger Dave

Yeah, I noticed the price increase, but you’re right of course – it’s golf. Now if we get another 350 days of frost I might not be quite so complacent. I’ll call you next week if the temperature goes up 10 degrees.


17 01 2011

barely a g… word all Christmas!

17 01 2011
Bagger Dave

I know,Sue. It was killing me.

BTW, how’s your a**?


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