Victor Ludorum – RWB 2011

5 09 2011

Victor Ludorum 2011

I did Latin at school. I wasn’t very good, but I do remember our teacher, ‘Slim’ Folland (height 5’2″, weight 300lb), telling us that Victor Ludorum meant ‘winner of the games’. Four decades later I realise he must have been mistaken, as the results of this year’s Red, White and Blue seem to indicate that Victor Crisp means ‘sandbagger extraordinaire’. How else to explain Vic’s three round net total of 198, the lowest winning total in the event’s history? Vic coasted to a seven shot victory over yours truly in what Bruce Coulter later described as ‘an epic struggle in which both Vic and Dave seemed to be doing their best to lose’. (So maybe I sort of won then). Bruce himself shot a superb final round of 67 (net 64) for a total of 208 to pip Dave Buckley-Jones for 3rd place on a countback. Here they are at the ceremonial pre-round ball toss to decide playing partners. It’s 7:50 a.m. and they’re more sober than they look:

What a load of balls…

In 5th place was Joe Dunham (211) and 7th Glen Parsons (212). The picture below shows just how seriously Joe takes this tournament, while Glen bears the look of a man who is about to play off the blue tees and is trying to put a brave face on it:

Game faces

Sandwiched between the two of them, after a brilliant round of net 61 off the red tees, was Bill O’Neill in 6th spot and five shots back of him (217) was last year’s winner, Sir Stanley Mills himself:

The relaxed smile of a man who doesn’t have to display the Big Club any more.

Mr. 61

Al Pasanen, who cunningly avoided my camera during the pre-competition photo shoot, finished on 219 in 9th place, beating out Rudge Wilson (10th) and Bud Bryan (11th) in a complicated tie breaking procedure. One of the pictures below is of Bud, whose wife dressed him specially for the occasion and is therefore responsible for headaches suffered by his playing partners who actually had to look at that shirt for four hours straight.

The other picture is of Rudge’s ball, and it’s actually a piece of golfing history. Clearly the pressure of teeing off first in front of 15 well meaning but boisterous fellow competitors was a little intimidating for Mr Wilson. Up until now I don’t believe there has been a word for the first shot in a major tournament that fails to leave the tee box. There is now. He rudged it! A fine addition to the world’s golfing lexicon.

Someone told Bud this was a stylish shirt

The first hole at Glacier Greens measures 362 yards off the blue tees. This is Rudge’s ball prior to his second shot. He still has 357 yards to go.

The Chief, whose lifetime ambition is one day to win the RWB, once again was apparently beset by nerves (or a shortage of caffeine) and had to settle for a score of 222 and a share of 12th place with Jack Jackson.

The high point of the tournament for Adrian

Pre tournament favourite Jack Jackson, on the left. Rudge Wilson on the right, shortly before his traumatic first tee shot.

14th place went to Mike Worley (223), who’s probably had better days fishing in a nor’ easterly off the Charlottes. Wayne Mabee eased his way into the tournament with a 15th place finish and the answer to whether all the pre-tournament ballyhoo was justified (definitely not, I would imagine).

Maybe Mike should gone fishin’ or skiin’ or somethin’.

Mabee Wayne will be back next year.

And then bringing up the rear was the elder statesman himself, Elmo Guinan. Don’t feel sorry for Elmo. For a start he has the chance of a ‘threepeat’ next year at being the RWB’s equivalent to the lanterne rouge in the Tour de France. And second, Elmo was the undisputed winner at the prize table. As last place finisher, Elmo got the last pick of 16 beautifully gift wrapped prizes. Sure, he didn’t win a couple of sleeves of golf balls, or a bottle of whisky or a kitchen clock like some of the other guys. But no one else took home what looked suspiciously like a blow up doll! I was assured later that it was in fact an inflatable fish, but there’s no doubt it caught everyone’s attention. Good luck explaining that one at home, Elmo!

“It was THIS big!” says Elmo.

So apologies for the words and pictures not being entirely in synch, but my computer skills are even worse than my putting. I shall try to get things right by Labour Day weekend 2012, when all these fine gentlemen are invited back for the next running of the Red, White and Blue.

All da best!

(Vice) Bagger Dave




10 responses

5 09 2011
Glennie the sandbagger

Fine job Davey B. It was good fun indeed with a new addition to the golfing lexicon. To “Brooker it” (leave a 10 foot putt 3 feet short) and now a “Rudge”. (Thank God no one invoked the red tees rule).
Will look forward to next year – G

6 09 2011
Bagger Dave

Thanks, Glennie. Yeah, I feel a bit better knowing I’m not the only one whose name is taken in vain on the golf course. Not sure how Rudge feels, though…


6 09 2011

Indeed a great time
dave. Just arrived in
rotterdam from amsterdam and vancouver. All the best. Martin

6 09 2011
Bagger Dave

You guys never stop! Globetrotters extraordinary! Is this the same trip that involves Irish pubs?

Love to Cynthia – have a blast!


6 09 2011

Another great job on the blog; no really. I don’t care what everyone else says, you do have some talent. Sorry to have missed the RWB but bucket lists come first. See you in a couple of weeks. I am suggesting that all the participants in the RWB, past and present, show our appreciation by donating $20 or multiples thereof so we can get you something you deserve or need (apart from a new putter) By the time the money rolls in I’ll whip down to the dollar store and get you something suitable

6 09 2011
Bagger Dave

All I need in life is a half decent putting stroke in a fortnight’s time, Peter, so I can win my $5 back at Gold River. I had to skip the country to escape the flak from my last two blogs – Julie and I are in Anacortes, heading east along the I 20 towards Glacier National Park.



6 09 2011
Vic tor Ludorum

Hi Mr D,

My reply is coming !!!!!!!!.
Unfortunately so busy at present keeping our house ready for selling, preparing to move into our new abode, vacation for almost the rest of September. Rehearsing with our barbershop quartet (raising “dolla” for prostate cancer, we gave a cheque to the value of $1500 to the local group last night), As a Senior Peer councellor visiting two gents each week who have had bad depression, trying to play golf 3 times a wwek, but be assured I WILL find the time to REPLY. Keep looking okay. SB Extraordinaire indeed.
Victor Ludorum

6 09 2011
Bagger Dave

OK, Vic. Here’s an unreserved apology for suggesting that you’re a sandbagger. It just sort of went well with my theme. As Bruce so unkindly pointed out, you and I weren’t exactly setting the course alight coming down the stretch. Your victory was well deserved – and just shows how awful everybody else was!


7 09 2011
Vic tor Ludorum

This is the true HIDDEN meaning of the term Sandbagger Extraordinaire as applicable to the RWB Tournament.
Departing for day two’s events my wife said “Enjoy your day, but under no circumstances bring home that “B” wooden thing”. Happily I left for the golf course, looking forward I might say to the days performance. UFORTUNATELY due to the very poor play of all but one of the RWB squad, I finished up winning. A major disaster, or should I say, a “SB Ex”.
I somewhat gingerly returned home to find my wife JOYFULLY watering the flowers in our front garden. She was very impressed with chosen prize, a very nice clock.(THANKS ?) Now for the “SB EX.” bit.
” I don’t believe you have actually brought that monstrosity home. Well it’s not coming into my house. Do with it what you want, but keep it away from me.” “But I could’nt help winning it “I said. This made no difference, her facial expression said it all. I WAS allowed into our home, but sufferd the silent treatment. I begged for forgiveness, promising at the bedroom door to vaccum the house and cook her favorite meal. I stopped crying when she let me join her in the matrimonial bed only to beg greeted with a stern “goodnight”.
Things improved somewhat after I carried out my promised chores. to date bruises have gone and I am being spoke to quite cordially now.
Will I win it next year ? I leave you to answer that one. !!!!!!!
“SandBagger Extraordinaire:. YOU CAN KEEP IT !!!!!
Victor Ludorum

9 09 2011
Bagger Dave

Outstanding, Vic! Your experience at home is uncannily like that of other past winners. What is it about the Big Club that wives find so offensive?

Anyway, now I know our friendship has survived my base allegations I’ve snuck back into the country. We’ve left the States (104 F yesterday in Colville) and have arrived in Nelson, where it’s a positively chilly 28C.

See you in a week or so. Ask Mrs Vic to keep the Big Club nicely polished.


Dave B.

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