No Caddy for the caddie…(updated video version)

13 03 2012

Paul Casey’s caddie Craig Connelly was sure he was going to be at least pocketing a nice chunk of change, or perhaps even driving away from Doral in a brand new Cadillac, when his boss aced the 15th hole on the Blue Monster on Sunday. But there was one small problem….

DORAL, Fla. — Paul Casey had a hole-in-one at the Cadillac Championship on the 15th hole.

What made the ace even better was the reaction of Paul’s caddie who was celebrating quite emphatically, and for good reason.

As Casey walked up to the 15th hole, he made a bet with his caddie, Craig Connelly.
Casey, playing in his first tournament of the year, had just double-bogeyed No. 12 and followed that with a bogey on No. 14.
He was 3-over for the day, 2-over for the tournament and there wasn’t much to be salvaged from the weekend.
So Casey turned to Connelly, the short, portly Scot they call ’Wee Man,’ and made an offer.
Casey wagered if he made a hole-in-one on No. 15, he would split the prize, down the middle, with Connelly.
After they shook hands to seal the bet, Connelly handed Casey an 8-iron.
Casey lined up and fired straight for the flag. One bounce, another bounce and a short roll later the ball was in the cup. Casey didn’t see the ball go in, but the low, giddy cackle of his caddy let him know it was a hole-in-one.
“I kinda turned away, thinking, ’I hope that just misses,’” Casey said. “Craig went bananas. In a moment of disappointment I thought I’d have to give him some money.”
But Casey’s disappointment transferred to Connelly a few seconds later.
As Connelly jumped around the tee box in glee, thinking he was good for half the value of a luxury car, a rules official came over and told Casey that there was no prize for acing No. 15 — you’d have to ace No. 13 to win a car.
Close, but no Caddy for the caddie!
All da best.
Dave B.
P.S. In case you were wondering, I have yet to receive 50% of any hole in one prizes yet, although I seem to remember Brian buying me lunch the first time I managed to caddy 18 mistake-free holes for him  – i.e. without leaving a towel on the fairway, handing him the wrong club or knocking the bag over while he was in the midst of his swing. That’s probably as good as it’s going to get…
P.P.S. Thanks to a quick lesson from my good friend Ben Davies I’ve managed to embed the video in my post. One small step for man, but a giant leap for Blogger Dave.



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