Golfing tantrums

23 12 2012

As most of us know, golf can be a very frustrating game. If you have not already seen this short YouTube video from Golfing World I think that you might get a certain sadistic satisfaction from watching some well-known professional golfers on the European Tour letting their emotions get the better of them. Sadly, Smokin’ Joe Dunham’s infamous meltdown earlier this year on the 5th green at Glacier Greens following a missed two foot putt was not captured on video, but for those of us fortunate enough to witness Joe hitting himself repeatedly on the forehead and muttering “You absolute f**king ninny!” the scene will live long in the memory. For the rest of us (yes Bud, Adrian, Glen, Steve, Robin, Dave and Glen – I’m looking at you) I guess it’s a question of “There but for the grace of the golfing gods go I.” We all have our particular crosses to bear from 2012 and, despite our best intentions, I doubt things will change much in 2013.

The video in this post has been borrowed with the permission of my friend Barry Rhodes from Dublin, Ireland, to whom I send my thanks and best wishes for the year to come. The same goes to all of you who take the trouble to read my own posts.

To see how the pro’s do meltdowns, please click on this link.

Barry covered the Rules relating to anger on the golf course last year in this blog. I highly recommend you subscribe to Barry’s blog – he’s a man who really knows his stuff and passes on his knowledge every week in entertaining and informative fashion.

Barry will be setting a New Year Rules teaser next week, which I’m sure you’ll enjoy. In the meantime, he – and I – hope that you enjoy a wonderful Christmas break with your families and friends. As I write this, the snow is falling and Glacier Greens lies under a thick carpet of the white stuff and the course closure means I am unlikely to make any more three putts or double bogies in 2012. As usual, I shall be asking Santa for another twenty yards on my drives and a new, improved putting stroke for the year to come. Like most of my fellow golfers, I live in (false) hope.

Happy Christmas!

Dave B.

P.S. Here’s my (new) favourite quote, from the movie ‘Contagion’:

“Blogging is not writing – it’s graffiti with punctuation.”




8 responses

23 12 2012
Popeye and Jane

Thanks Dave and the best of the season to you and yours. Have enjoyed every last one of your blog’s or should I say “Graffiti with punctuations” The way you have fun with your playing partners is probably one of the reasons I don’t golf with you lad’s on Sunday mornings. Just kidding. The main reason is my Men’s club duties require me to be on the job behind a computer on Sunday mornings so I may get the good/bad news out to the Saturday Men’s players and have it posted in the club house when you “lot” finish Len

23 12 2012
Bagger Dave

Thanks, Lennie.

Being Men’s Director may not be the best paid job you’ve ever had, but you sure get a lot of love from the troops…


23 12 2012
Glennie the sandbagger

#7 (Hennie Otto?) putting is reminiscent of DB’s putting while calm, cool and collected!

23 12 2012
Bagger Dave

That is a very low blow, Mr Parsons, particularly as the same thought crossed my mind too!

23 12 2012

Dave: Throwing your club is simply unforgiveable. Wouldn’t you agree?

23 12 2012
Bagger Dave

Ah. A trick question. In general, Robin, I would say that throwing clubs is a bad thing, but they do sometimes just slip out of your hand…


28 04 2014
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Hey! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok.

I’m absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to
new updates.

29 04 2014
Bagger Dave

Sorry. No Twitter for me. Don’t see the point.

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