The best laid plans

7 05 2013
Robbie Burns. Yep, the 'Auld Lang Syne' guy. And 'Ode to a Haggis'. And 'To a Mouse'.

Robbie Burns. Yep, the Auld Lang Syne guy, whose love was like a red, red rose and who wrote odes to haggises and mice.

I’ve often used the expression “the best laid plans” when something hasn’t quite worked out the way it was intended, but Scottish Wife has been known to correct me by quoting the exact words of the great 18th century Scottish poet Robbie Burns:  “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley”. It sounds kind of threatening when she says it, as if there’s every chance of a Glasgow kiss if things aren’t put right in very short order – and, nice as it might sound, you really don’t want a Glasgow kiss*. Well, on Sunday a group of ten of us from Glacier Greens were due to take the ferry over to Powell River to play the excellent Les Furber designed Myrtle Point golf course. It was going to be an early start – catching the 6.30 ferry from the Little River terminal – and a long day, but the hospitality there is always so good I was really looking forward to a great day out. Imagine my disappointment, then, when I received a phone call late on Saturday night to tell me that the trip was off, due to a BC Ferry closure. But what was a minor inconvenience for me this weekend is likely to turn into a major economic catastrophe for the good people of Powell River next year, however: the ferry service is to be shut down completely for a period of two months while the terminals at Comox and Powell River undergo complete renovations. In the mean time, instead of the usual 75 minute crossing, travellers will have to drive 100 kilometers south to Nanaimo, take a three hour ferry crossing to Saltery Bay and then drive 35 kilometers up the Sunshine Coast to reach Powell River. Ouch!

But as far as our Sunday golf was concerned, to shift from Scotland’s greatest poet to England’s, all was well that ended well. The ten of us played our usual Sunday morning game at Glacier Greens instead and for once I got lucky in the skins game and finished a few dollars up at the end of the round. It was still a shame about Myrtle Point, though. Those guys truly go out of their way to make visitors feel welcome – picking you up and dropping you off at the ferry terminal is just the start of it – and I know that their golf course, like many on Vancouver Island, is really hurting right now. Like Storey Creek in Campbell River, to give but one example, Myrtle Point has come up with some innovative pricing to attract golfers from elsewhere in order to survive the present economic crunch. I’ve heard that the very existence of the course is in some doubt which, if true, would be a disaster for the community. Here at Glacier Greens, the manager is battling desperately to maintain a balance between the need for visitors’ green fees and the wishes of the membership. I certainly don’t envy him his task. Let’s hope his best laid plans don’t ‘gang agley’ (seriously, why can’t the Scots just speak proper English?) and everything in the Glacier Greens financial garden comes up smelling of roses.

All da best!

Dave B.

P.S. * A Glasgow Kiss? You don’t want one. Otherwise known as a Millwall Kiss (London) or Kirby Kiss (Liverpool), it’s a reference to these cities’ reputations for violence. It’s a headbutt.




6 responses

8 05 2013

Too bad about the trip Dave and the precarious positions of the courses. At least you got the game in and ended up on the prosperous side. Best wishes to you and Julie. M

8 05 2013
Bagger Dave

Thanks Martin. I’ve been following your trip with interest (and envy). All the best to you and Cynthia!

8 05 2013

“Nae man can tether time or tide”

We have the same trouble when the time comes for the Sandbanks Ferry needs repair.

“When ye come to play golf ye Manu have a Heid”
C B Macdonald
Scotland’s Gift

Geoff Pike

8 05 2013
Bagger Dave

Am I correct in assuming that Mr McDonald is advising us to concentrate when we play golf or is ‘Manu have a heid’ a reference to Sir Alex Ferguson?
P.S. Julie and I will be in Poole for a couple of days near the end of June. I’ll let you know when we have exact dates.

8 05 2013
john ringstead

I didn’t know you liked Hartlepool that much David! Playa del Carmen is very much like Hartlepool. Wedding tomorrow. Pics to follow on Jay’s facebook. Hope to see you all soon.

8 05 2013
Bagger Dave

As you well know, John, I like many towns ending in ‘pool’. Even though similarities between Hartlepool and Playa del Carmen are not immediately obvious, no doubt a few cervezas at the wedding tomorrow will clarify matters.

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