Now THAT’S what I call taking relief…

22 05 2013

I was watching the European Tour event on Sunday, the Volvo World Matchplay – being played in Bulgaria of all places – when THIS happened:

I couldn’t wait for the clip to find its way onto YouTube – the commentators, the caddies, the player and even the rules official were all in hysterics. Complicated as it may seem, the official concerned made the step by step ruling absolutely correctly.

Next time I complain about my game being in the toilet, I shall think of Nicolas Colsaerts.

All da best!

Dave B.

(BTW, not shown in the video clip is the chip and putt that Colsaerts made to halve the hole. Gotta love matchplay!)




4 responses

22 05 2013

No Shit!

22 05 2013
Bagger Dave

When there’s bodily functions happening on the golf course, Peter, it’s funny how you’re nearly always at the centre of it…

22 05 2013

I saw the episode where NC was coming out of the toilet but hadn’t realised it was while he was fetching his ball to drop it. Anyway, getting relief in any way is always good. Thanks for posting the clip Bagger.

22 05 2013
Bagger Dave

You’re welcome Martin. For most of us at Glacier Greens, getting relief means discreetly finding the nearest shrubbery…

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