Anger Management

30 11 2013

When I first started playing golf it took me a while to realise that there were a lot more factors in making a good score than simply how far I hit the ball. If it was all about distance I’d still probably never break 90, but I feel I can usually save a bunch of strokes by making smart decisions about what club to use and where to aim the ball. As the old saying goes, it’s not where your good shots go, but where your bad ones end up, that determines what kind of a score you’re going to have. In all modesty, I would have to say that course management has gradually become a strength of my game.

But what happens when circumstances conspire against you and you make, say, a double bogey or worse on a hole? Well, this is where anger management comes in. The guys I play with all have their own unique style in dealing with adversity on the golf course: Glennie and Robinski use language so colourful that I could never consider inviting them to tea along with the vicar for fear that the subject of three putting came up; Smokin’ Joe, somewhat quaintly, has been known to call himself an “effin ninny” when displeased with his efforts; Roderick questions the very existential truth of whatever tragedy seems to have just befallen him (“you’ve got to be kidding me”); Richard says something in French that always ends “tabernacle”; and Lairdo who, to be fair, has more experience than most of us with golf-related disasters, just wanders off muttering to himself. But sometimes, very occasionally, bad language alone is not enough to exorcise our golfing demons. Sometimes not even throwing a club (punishable in our circle by having to buy our playing partners a jug of beer) is sufficient. On these rare occasions, in order to release all that pent up anger with the minimum of personal inconvenience, you might want to follow the advice of teaching pro Charlie King from Georgia:

Next week: “How to throw a club”.

All da best!

Dave B.




6 responses

1 12 2013
Glennie the Sand Bagger

Excellent advice from Charlie! I will definitely give it a try. Can you play on Monday?

1 12 2013
Bagger Dave

Why don’t we start with Rod’s putter? He hardly ever uses it anyway.

1 12 2013

I guess smokin’ Joe must owe a jug of beer. But try and get one from him.


1 12 2013
Bagger Dave

As you would say, Bud: “Not gonna happen!”

1 12 2013

I noted that Glennie liked the advice AND invited you to be his partner Dave. Beware, and make sure you sneak Dave Laird’s putter into your bag first.

1 12 2013
Bagger Dave

Thanks for the advice, Martin. As the saying goes, “Beware Greeks (and golfers) bearing gifts”.

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