Now THAT’S an eagle!

25 06 2014
I feel a birdie's on its way...

I feel a birdie’s on its way…

The tenth hole at Glacier Greens is supposed to be the easiest hole on the course. It’s a Par 5, only 462 yards off the white tees, and rated the 18th stroke hole. This of course means that I butcher it on a regular basis. A couple of months ago, however, playing with a couple of guests, I managed to eagle it, much to the surprise (nay, disbelief) of the rest of the Sandbaggers. “So, Dave, you reached the green in two and sank the putt, eh?” suggested the Chief somewhat maliciously. Er, not exactly. “OK, you hit your second shot to the fringe and chipped in,” ventured the Budmeister. Er, not quite. What actually happened is that I hit driver, followed by a chunkadelic 3 wood and then holed out from 130 yards with a 6 iron. Hey, they all count, right? Especially when you haven’t had an eagle for flippin’ years.

Well, on Monday I came close to an eagle on #10 again, only this time it was the real thing. I duffed my approach shot as per usual but luckily the ball finished on the bank, a few feet from the pond. As I walked to my ball, an eagle swooped in low over the water and then stood in the shallows, pecking away at something just below the surface. As I got nearer it emerged from the pond, perched on the grass about ten feet away and gave me what I can only describe as a death stare. It looked at me (through me?) for literally two minutes before it flew off low across the green and took up a position on a fence overlooking the 11th tee box.

Under the circumstances I then hit what I thought was a pretty good chip shot, but sadly it failed to drop for what would have been a very memorable birdie. Even so, it’s the closest I’ve ever been to a real live eagle and let me just say what a big, mean mother it was. It’s one thing to be able to say to your buddies “Hey! I got an eagle on #10”, and quite another to say “An eagle got me!”

Happy to have lived to tell the tale,

Dave B.




4 responses

25 06 2014

Wow! Now that IS an eagle Dave. What a memory stored away for you. Congrats on the other one by the way.

25 06 2014
Bagger Dave

Thanks, Martin. As for the other one, if you add that to my hole in one I guess it’s Blind Pig 2 Acorn 0!

25 06 2014

Great story !!. It looks to me that whatever that eagle was after in the pond won the battle. He/she probably tried to pick up “Dude” the new resident large turtle.The eagle looks a bit beat up and is now giving you the do you want a piece of me look.
p.s. David are those long shorts or short longs your wearing ???

25 06 2014
Bagger Dave

I think it was a fish he was after, Len, but I wasn’t going to get any closer. As for your confusion about my long shorts: stop looking at my legs!

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