Nigel Farage swings for Europe

25 09 2014

“Nigel who?” I hear you ask. Well, Nigel Farage is the leader of UKIP, a relatively new, right leaning, political party in the United Kingdom. The party’s main platform seems to be that it wants Britain to leave the European Community and has picked up a lot of support recently, gaining more votes than either Labour or the Conservatives in May’s European elections. Many people, myself included, wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot barge pole but opinion polls consistently indicate that Farage is by some distance the most popular party leader in Britain right now, including one which showed him to be ‘the politician most people would want to go down the pub with’.

Somewhat surprising, then, to see him appear in this pro-Europe commercial for Paddy Power, the Irish bookmakers:

I never thought I’d find myself siding with Mr Farage on anything, but on this occasion I guess I’ll just have to sup with the devil.

Go Europe (even though I kind of empathise with Jim Furyk’s swing)!

All da best,

Dave B.





5 responses

25 09 2014

UKIP is a very well organised BRITISH party whose ideals I mostly agree with. Look into UKIP a little more Davey and less leaning to the left would be advisable. It could be quite the eyeopener

25 09 2014
Bagger Dave

As I said, Peter, I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole. What time’s coffee?

25 09 2014

He has my vote, Dave. Thanks for the post. Enjoyed, as always.

25 09 2014
Bagger Dave

You’re welcome as always, Martin.

25 09 2014

Reblogged this on Davies Family Blog and commented:
Good friend Dave B wrote this timely post. I liked it very much so thought I would re-blog here. Hope you enjoy too. Go Europe! Apologies to my U.S. friends and rellies.

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