R.I.P. Muggsy

6 05 2015

Muggsy. Still got it.

In the summer of 1996 a new addition arrived in the Brooker family. For reasons never explained at the time, Scottish Wife had taken herself off to the SPCA in Courtenay and returned with a scrawny looking tabby kitten, just a few weeks old. “He was born in a ditch and his mother’s died,” she said, “and if no one takes him he’ll have to be put down.” There are times when SW can be talked out of a course of action by using logic and rational argument. This was not one of those times. Apart from Bob the goldfish a decade or so earlier – and that hadn’t ended too well – we’d never been a pet family. Now we had a little bundle of energy tearing around the house, jumping at shadows and leaping half way up the curtains. Kate had picked him out – the smallest of a litter of five – so it was up to Joe to choose a name: no hesitation – in honour of Tyrone ‘Muggsy’ Bogues, at 5’3” the shortest player ever to play in the NBA and surely the owner of the most impressive vertical in all of basketball, Muggsy it had to be.

It wasn’t too long after that we took Muggsy to the vet. We borrowed a cage to transport him in the car. He was fine going into the cage – we must have caught him unawares – but when we arrived at the vet’s he went absolutely mental. A year later, when we received a phone call to remind us that it was time for Muggsy’s annual check up, SW and I looked at each other and said “Nuh.” Apart from being on a special diet for a urinary tract infection, Muggsy remained in the best of health and he never went back to the vet.

If Muggsy had been a human being I think the best word to describe him would have been ‘curmudgeonly’ which, as the rest of the family pointed out, made him ideal company for me. Molson, our second cat, who arrived on the scene four years later, was the friendliest cat imaginable. If anything, Muggsy got even grumpier. He tended to ignore Molson unless she got in his way, in which case he would give her a cuff round the ear.

In recent years Muggsy got a little slower and his hearing started to go (insert your own ‘Just like Dave’ comment here). Although he was approaching his 19th birthday (we never knew his exact birth date so we chose August 4th, to coincide with the date we immigrated to Canada), and we’d started to leave DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) messages with friends whenever we went away, it was a shock to receive a Skype message on Monday from our dear friend Mickey to say that when she’d popped in to check on the house that morning she’d found Muggsy lying dead on the carpet in my study.

Here are some extracts from emails sent between us and the kids yesterday:

Me: Sorry to have to tell you that Muggsy passed away yesterday. Nearly 19. The good news is that you both move up one place in the family hierarchy. Stu’s going to bury him down by the shed.

Kate: Surprised at how sorry I am to hear the news about Muggsy. Can’t believe I never knew how to spell his name. Glad to hear of the burial plans – I’ve never forgiven you for flushing Bob the goldfish down the toilet.

Joe: Damn. I respected that guy more and more each year – a true rags to riches story in joining Molson in a life of luxury. Please give Mom a hug from me.

Joe: P.S. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say I wish it had been Molson.

So from all of us (I think Joe was just kidding) RIP, Muggsy. It’s been a pleasure having you as a part of the family all this time and it’s going to be weird without you.

All da best.

Dave B.


R.I.P. Muggsy




10 responses

6 05 2015

Nice one, DB. I love my animals more than many humans. It’s always tough to lose a pet but it looks like Muggsy had a good innings. Cheers!

6 05 2015
Bagger Dave

Funnily enough, Ben, I thought of you when I decided to write this blog. And, yes, he certainly did have a good innings!

6 05 2015

Thanks for sharing the story of Muggsy Dave and the family comments.

6 05 2015
Bagger Dave

You’re welcome, Martin.

6 05 2015
Ken Doll

Dave: I did not know muggsy, however he/she sounded like a lovely cat. Let us know if there will be a Celebration of Life. Would love to attend. I will be golfing with Len tomorrow, I will see if he has a plaque ordered for the bridge.

6 05 2015
Bagger Dave

I’ve got a feeling Lennie would have a coronary, Ken. If we bring in Plaques for Pets, he’d need a new bridge the size of the 2nd Narrows crossing!

6 05 2015

As second responder, I would just like to state that I feel relief that, at end of life, Muggsy retired to the great kitty litter in the sky with the dignity that he so richly deserved. A very heavy weight of responsibility has been lifted from my shoulders.
RIP, Muggsy, GtheSBer

6 05 2015
Bagger Dave

Thanks, Glennie. You’ve done a fine job as 2nd responder. You’re not completely out of the woods yet, however. There’s always Molson to consider…

8 05 2015

Once again Dave you impress me by turning the passing of Muggsy into a novel. Me thinks Ken Doll is asking about a Celebration of Life event as he knows there is always snacks. Unfortunately we do not have room on the Memorial Bridge for the passing of our animal friends as it’s filling up fast enough with the passing of our golfing friends…. R.I.P. Muggsy

8 05 2015
Bagger Dave

Fair enough, Len. Can I bury him in the greenside bunker on #18 instead?

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