The sad golfer

21 08 2015
I have a friend called Dave Stevens who golfs at Sunnydale. I’ve known him for years. When we played soccer together he was famed for the power of his lethal (if sometimes inaccurate) right foot. Same story in golf – he hits the ball a mile, just not always in the right direction. Yesterday I played in the MISGA competition at Sunnydale, a couple of groups behind Dave and his partners. On #7, a lengthy par 5, two of our guys absolutely flushed their drives – they must have both been around 240 yards. When we got to their balls we were amazed to see the LD (Long Drive) marker another 25 yards down the fairway. “What a beast!” we said. “Who on earth could hit a ball that far?” When we reached the marker we read out the name on it: Dave Stevens. “Blimey,” I said. “Stevens just outdrove me by 90 yards.”
A few hours later, after a beer or two and the usual splendid MISGA lunch, the prizes were given out – best low gross scores, best net, KP’s (closest to the pin) etc. The folks at Dave’s table were nudging him, getting ready for his moment of glory, perhaps encouraging him to make a brief, modest acceptance speech. Instead of that, Jim McCaffery (the Sunnydale rep) wrapped things up by saying “Thanks for coming out folks. Have a safe drive home.”
“Hang on a minute!” said one of Dave’s table companions. “What about the prize for LD on #7?” “What do you mean?” said Jim. “There was no LD prize on #7.” “But there was,” said Dave. “I wrote my name on the marker and everything.” There was a bit of a pause while Jim conferred with his fellow announcer. “Er, sorry to have to tell you this, Dave, but that marker was for Men’s Night on Wednesday. I guess they forgot to bring it in.”
Dave’s face was a picture of sadness. True, the prize would only have been a golf ball, but when he caught my eye I think he realised that this wouldn’t be the last he’d hear about the LD that never was…
All da best,
Dave (Short Drive) Brooker
P.S. Soon after I’d published this post I received an email from MISGA legend (and Glacier Greens member) Glen Sweetman to tell me that he’d in fact later outdriven Dave and arm wrestled Jim into giving him a golf ball as a prize. Now that’s REAL power!



8 responses

21 08 2015
Len Doyle

When our group arrived at the marker on #7 Glen Sweetman’s name was on it and we only had hole eight and nine to play ???.

21 08 2015
Bagger Dave

So I guess that makes two disappointed guys, eh Lennie?

21 08 2015

Sweet! I enjoy your stories Bagger.

21 08 2015
Bagger Dave

Thanks Martin. I can’t help but love it when one of my buddies has a bit of bad luck on the golf course.

21 08 2015

David David David, which one of you is indeed the worst? Our lives would not be as rich if either one was not around, the butt of a joke (or is that a p.i.t.a). Like the time DS was auctioning on a Friday night with his fly undone?
Thanks for my morning smile Dave and Dave

22 08 2015
Bagger Dave

You’re welcome, Mr Dobbs. Hobnobbing at the House of Lords, I see. One of the few places where you’re one of the more honest folks around!

22 08 2015
David Stevens

A great read Dave and thanks for the Gold Ball.

22 08 2015
Bagger Dave

Thanks Dave. I guess your only possible nickname now is ‘Golden Balls’!

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