Vive la France

17 11 2015

I’d be the first to admit that a large part of my life revolves around sport. Whether I’m playing, officiating or watching it, or talking or reading about it, and whether it’s golf, soccer, cricket, hockey or basically any athletic endeavour you care to mention, I always feel the need to know what’s going on. Other major events, perhaps on a global scale, may intrude but it’s guaranteed that I’ll soon return to my sporting cocoon.

But today, less than 72 hours after the awful terrorist attacks in Paris, I saw this:

And if you can watch that without getting a huge lump in your throat then I respectfully suggest you’re missing something.

A little while later, having returned to my comfort zone on the Sports Network, I saw and heard tens of thousands of England soccer fans at Wembley stadium in London singing the Marseillaise along with their French counterparts.

Strange days indeed.

Vive la France.


Dave B.




12 responses

17 11 2015
Paul A

Indeed, Vive la France (and this little boy)!!!

17 11 2015
Bagger Dave

Merci Paul (et vive son père aussi).

17 11 2015
Stu & Mickey Power

Nailed it, Davey. Out of the mouths of daves? – er um, babes………….

17 11 2015
Bagger Dave

But how cool was the dad, Stu? There’s hope yet…

17 11 2015

And the age old question remains: Can the righteous defeat the forces of evil? It took 6 long years to accomplish this 60 years ago. I think it could take a little longer this time.
From the mouths of babes…..

17 11 2015
Bagger Dave

Um, England beat France 2-0, Glennie, if that’s what you’re referring to. I must say, though, it’s hardly appropriate today of all days to refer to the French as ‘the forces of evil’.

18 11 2015
Mike Brooker

That was two lumps in the throat.

I like Dad in the first video a great deal (not to mention the the little diamond).

You never know; something good could come out of all of this horror.


18 11 2015
Bagger Dave

I dunno, Mike. England and France singing each other’s anthems? Where will it all end?

18 11 2015
Birdman Steve

This is very moving. Surely interesting times. For some strange reason I feel more positive though. It seems the world is going into a new phase of reason, whereas the majority are realizing we can salvage the planet. Or something like that.

18 11 2015
Bagger Dave

I sure hope you’re right, Steve.

24 11 2015

Thanks for posting this Dave. It helps us keep all things in perspective.
Just got in from Cuba trip. Will be in touch soon.

24 11 2015
Bagger Dave

You’re welcome, Martin.
I hope you and Cynthia had a blast!

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