And a merry Christmas to all…

25 12 2015

What follows is shamelessly reblogged from the ineffable Barry Rhodes, author of the weekly “Rules of Golf”, a blog which I highly recommend. I’m pretty sure most of the following have happened to me this year. How about you?

  • Thinning your first chip on the practice green, ending up stone dead at the wrong hole, then chipping the rest of your balls to that hole.
  • Rushing to get something out of your golf bag and getting a tee right under the fingernail.
  • Checking the hole in desperation when you can’t find your ball in the rough around the green.
  • Chasing after a runaway cart. 
  • When you are looking for a fellow competitor’s ball saying unhelpful things like; “What ball are you playing?”, “Did you get a line on it?”, “I didn’t see it come down”, “You’re probably better off not finding it”, “That’s very strange, it shouldn’t be lost here”. 
  • Calling a fellow competitor by the wrong name for most of the round.
  • Telling yourself to play safe before the round…. then hitting driver off every tee and lob wedge around every green.
  • Smashing the ball into the dividing partition at the driving range and looking round to see if anyone noticed. 
  • Cleaning your clubs in the kitchen sink on the night before you are due to go on a golfing vacation.
  • Hearing golf balls rolling around the trunk of your car when you go around a corner.
  • Before going to sleep on Saturday, reliving three missed putts, two chunks and one skulled chip and thinking about what you should have shot in Men’s Morning if only…
  • Practicing your swing in front of a mirror using a TV remote control for the grip.
  • Realising that you are addicted to golf, as you start looking for golf courses through the aircraft window as you take off and land.

And finally, in honour of my good friend Glen Parsons:

  • After a good shot: “I love golf. Did I tell you guys how much I love golf?”.
  • After a bad shot: “Sl*t!”

All da best to one and all.

Dave B.

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4 responses

25 12 2015

I can relate to almost all of those Dave. Thanks for the chuckle and Merry Christmas.

25 12 2015
Bagger Dave

Thanks Martin. Ditto to you and Cynthia.

25 12 2015

Merry XMAS

Sent from my iPhone


25 12 2015
Bagger Dave

Ditto, Fitz.


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