Trumped by the Dutch

26 01 2017

I’ve not played golf for nearly two months now, largely because the famously mild Vancouver Island winter was replaced this year by weeks on end of sub zero temperatures. I’m not sure my fellow Canadians from the Prairies and back East are truly sympathetic for us wussy Westerners, but still…

Anyway, rather than focus on the train wreck that was my golf game before the big freeze I have been forced to look outwards to take in the wider scene of what’s going on elsewhere on the planet. I couldn’t help but notice that a very angry man with orange skin and an extremely dubious hairstyle has been elected leader of the free world. Unfortunately, he is now setting forth policies that seem to threaten the well-being of the said free world.

I must admit I found this somewhat troubling, but then yesterday I received this video from my good friend and fellow Sandbagger, Smokin’ Joe Dunham. Please watch it. It’s great. You’re gonna love it, you really will. Trust me, it’s fantastic:

P.S. I’ve heard Donald Trump’s real golf game is about as bad as my own, in which case I do have a certain (limited) amount of sympathy for the man. Of course that could, in the words of the equally vile Kellyanne Conway, just be an alternative fact…

All da best!

Dave B.




6 responses

26 01 2017

Thanks Dave

26 01 2017
Bagger Dave

You’re welcome, Martin. If you have any kind things to say about Mr Trump, please let me know – because I’m struggling!

27 01 2017
Len Doyle

Thanks Dave. It’s Len here in Ixtapa Mexico. And thanks Joe,we loved it. Hope the wall isn’t very high as we must fly over it on the way home Monday. I have been telling some Americans here at the resort that a wall is not such a bad idea because the Chinese built one many years and they do not have an illegal Mexican problem. … Just saying.!!

27 01 2017
Bagger Dave

I’m back on Feb 5th, Lennie. Leave the cards for me to do on the Monday if you like. Fair point about the Great Wall of China – it’s a bit like using polar bear repellent here in Mexico.

27 01 2017

I have a nice thing to say about Trump, (who by the way is NOT the leader of the free world.) He makes everyone else look good,
Even my golf game is the best it’s ever been since he was ‘elected’ into office.
I rest my case
p.s. See you next week

27 01 2017
Bagger Dave

I think he is, Peter. Just ask him.

Back on Feb 5th, see you then.

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