Par Four? No – Parkour!

24 05 2017

Ever heard of parkour? No? Well, watch this short video of parkour pioneer Chase Armitage trying to make a tee time with Belgian pro golfer Thomas Pieters and you’ll get the idea:

Not unlike me trying to make my 8.23 tee time at Glacier Greens this morning…

All da best!

Dave B




2 responses

24 05 2017

Dave I thought Peter and I were the only ones to do this! He had a wee bit of trouble getting off the roof of the driving range shed at Mulligans when one of his straps got caught on a nail. You should have seen the back handspring which took him on to the roof…a thing of beauty!
Thanks for the video…great fun!

24 05 2017
Bagger Dave

Sorry to have to call BS on this, Martin, but have you seen Peter even trying to do up his laces? Peter parcouring? Definitely not.

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