About Dave

Bagger Dave

Hi. My name is Dave Brooker. I’m a retired high school teacher, having spent the last 32 years teaching French, Spanish and German. As you can imagine, three decades of teaching foreign languages takes a toll on all concerned and despite on balance hopefully contributing more positives than negatives to the British and Canadian education systems, I reached the point where it was time to do something completely different. I’m a keen, if somewhat inept golfer, and really enjoy socialising and spending time in the great outdoors. With my power fade (O.K. slice, if we’re going to be brutally honest) I spend quite a lot of each round in the right hand rough of my local course at Glacier Greens, Comox, B.C.

Wondering what it might be like to spend more time in the middle of the fairway and only hitting the ball 70 times or so per round instead of 80+, I came up with the cunning plan of  caddying for someone who could do just that. Fortunately, a good friend of mine by the name of  Ben Davies introduced me to a local guy, Brian Benedictson, who plays on the Canadian Tour and who – clearly having an adventurous streak – has agreed to let me caddie for him at the  Times Colonist Open in Victoria this June. If things go well, I’ll have a job the following week in Vancouver. If not, my career as a caddie is going to be one of the shortest on record.

My aim now is to learn the trade by going down to the States and getting some practice in on a satellite tour – the Golden State Tour in California. In the meantime, I plan to post a few blogs so that you can get to know a bit about me and my golfing buddies.


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