Live from the TCO…

3 06 2010

It’s Thursday morning, 10:00, and I’m sitting in the corner of the players’ lounge  at Uplands Golf Club trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. To my delight Tim Horton’s are one of the main sponsors of the Victoria Times Colonist Open and I’m doing my best to work through the full range of their products as I write this and basically try to kill time until Brian tees off (on #10) at 1:20. I slept at my son Joe’s appartment last night – very well as it happens, which is good as I was definitely still a bit jet lagged yesterday – and I’m ready to do battle with Brian’s bag again today. There can be no doubt that Brian’s was the biggest and brightest (think deep orange) bag on the driving range yesterday. I started lugging it towards the first tee ready for the practice round and had barely got 50 yards before Brian questioned my carrying technique. “You carry it like that, Bagger, and you’re going to do yourself some serious damage”. It’s one thing to have an iffy golf swing but I think I’m plumbing new depths when it turns out I’m a 27 handicapper bag carrier too.

I’d arranged to meet Brian at 9:30 yesterday morning for his practice round, so that meant I was off and running at 6:00. The rain was coming down hard in Comox when I left home, still dodgy at Duncan and only brightened up as I got south of the Malahat. By 10:30, when Brian teed off with fellow pros Alex, Liam and Oliver, it was warm and sunny. Once I’d got my balance with the bag sorted out I was able to keep up and, for the most part, stick to my plan of speaking only when spoken to. All four players were very friendly and I think my divot retrieving, flag attending and new improved bag toting technique passed muster. Liam picked up the bag at one point and wondered aloud if Brian had maybe put a half a dozen bricks in it as some kind of caddie initiation thing. (I checked surreptitiously a bit later but there was no evidence of any malpractice). The guys were playing a skins game and Brian more than held his own. He did miss a shortish birdie putt at one point so when on the next hole he had another chance, I said I’d buy him a beer if he made it. He promptly drained it, from 30 feet. Excellent motivation technique from the caddie, I would say, if a bit costly. Probably didn’t sound too professional either, yelling ‘No’ as the ball fell in the hole. Brian probably shot around even par (nobody was keeping track, other than how the skins game was going) and seemed reasonably happy with his game. There was no post round putting or driving session as  Brian’s just been elected to the players’ board and had a meeting scheduled with the tour director. I think his honest, down to earth personality will make him a good representative of his fellow professionals.  Anyway, that meant that I went back to Joe’s instead of going to the driving range, which was fine by me. Now I’m back, fully rested, Ibuprofin in hand, ready to do battle with the bag once again. I’m hoping Brian does the business on the course, so I can keep complaining all the way through to Sunday.

I’ll try to do an update tomorrow after Round 2. In the meantime, keep your fingers crossed…for both of us.

All da best.

Dave B.