The Job Interview

14 10 2018

You may not recognise all these golfers, although they’re all top players on the European Tour, but most of them seem to pass the beer test – i.e. they seem like the sort of guys you’d like to sit down and have a beer with.

My favourite answer to the question “What would you be if you weren’t a professional golfer?”

Ireland’s Shane Lowry: “Probably broke.”

Which is exactly what I’d be if I played golf for a living…

All da best.

Dave B.




Par Four? No – Parkour!

24 05 2017

Ever heard of parkour? No? Well, watch this short video of parkour pioneer Chase Armitage trying to make a tee time with Belgian pro golfer Thomas Pieters and you’ll get the idea:

Not unlike me trying to make my 8.23 tee time at Glacier Greens this morning…

All da best!

Dave B

When Billy met Bjorn

26 08 2016

This week’s European Tour event is being played in Denmark and hosted by Thomas Bjorn, the veteran Danish pro. I’ve always liked Bjorn – he’s never been one to hide his emotions on the course and has a wickedly dry sense of humour off it. Unfortunately his favourite soccer team is Liverpool and he speaks English with a pronounced Scouse accent. Oh well, I never said he was perfect.

Anyway, here he is in a short but hard hitting interview with a neophyte reporter known simply as Billy:

Not bad, eh?

All da best.

Dave B.



Thanks Ivor!

30 11 2015

If you’ve ever watched the British Open – or, indeed, any European Tour event on TV – you can’t fail to have noticed Ivor Robson, the distinguished looking, grey-haired gentleman in the jacket and tie who introduces the players on the first tee. Well, a fortnight ago, after 41 years on the job as the tour’s official starter, Ivor finally retired.

Renowned for his ability to stand on the tee for up to ten hours at a time without ever needing to take a bathroom break, Ivor has become a well loved figure on the circuit, not least by the players. Here are some of their attempts to emulate his distinctive way of introducing players on the first tee:

Thanks Ivor, and all da best!

Dave B.