Canadian Pairs – it’s a family affair

7 07 2012
Liz Stirrett and Dave Wacowich, Canadian pairs qualifying winners @ Glacier Greens, July 2012

Liz Stirrett and Dave Wacowich, Glacier Greens Canadian Pairs qualifying winners, July 2012

If you’re old enough to hum along to the tune or even remember the lyrics to Sly and the Family Stone’s epic song “It’s a family affair”, well, let’s just say that you’re probably no longer in the first flush of youth. The tune topped the U.S. charts in 1972 which, I’m guessing, was before the winners of today’s Glacier Greens qualifying tournament for the 2012 Canadian Pairs were even born.

35 pairs entered this year’s tournament, no doubt spurred on by the hope that they would somehow ham and egg enough holes to beat out the rest of the field for a place in the Canadian Finals to be held at Crown Isle on September 28/29. Many would have been  thinking that if last year’s winners, Dave Sheppard and Wayne Wood, could score 48 Stableford points and finish first then surely everyone was in with a genuine chance this year. Well, yes…and no. Going out in one of the early groups Liz Stirrett and husband Dave Wacowich reeled off NINE net birdies in a row on the front nine holes to amass 27 points. They cooled off a little on the back nine – ask Liz how she fared on #14 if you enjoy tales of suffering – but the couple held things together enough to set the daunting target of 49 points. Many tried, some came close, but when the dust had settled nobody could get any closer than 47 points. Henry BondĂ© and Wayne Mabee were beaten into third place on the mysterious countback system by the father and son team of Elmo and Roger Guinan. Roger is still a young man, of course, but Elmo is rumoured to have received a telegram from the Queen years ago. To put it another way, Guinan senior has a better chance than most of shooting his age, and he could certainly do a passable impression of Sly and the Family Stone in their prime.

Many thanks to Bill Kelly in the pro shop for generously donating prizes to the second and third place teams, to Gary Wood from Slegg Lumber and to Len Doyle and the Saturday morning Men’s Club crew for providing sleeves of top quality balls to all the KP winners, who were as follows:

#4 Al Cabilan/Gabe Tremblay; #7 Chuck Brown/James Dickson; #12 Kim Delaval/Jan Edwards; #15 John Lahey/Bill Todd; #17 Rob Hill/Barry Norris. Prizes can all be picked up in the pro shop.

And for the first place winners? Well, as mentioned, Liz and Dave win the trophy, get to go to a fancy dinner and reception and then play 36 holes at Crown Isle at the end of September and can harbour legitimate hopes of going on to play two rounds at Pebble Beach in mid December. Dare to dream, guys – someone’s gotta win.

As for qualifying from Glacier Greens – well, it was a family affair!

Dave B.

(By the way, I was somewhat disconcerted to realise that in 1972 I bore more than a passing resemblance to Sly Stone in this Youtube video. I think I had a better voice though…)